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    Many years ago, our security systems were very basic in nature, key on key off, now we have the availability of modern technology to provide you a safe and secure Home or place of Business. Our primary security system is ADEMCO, the oldest and largest provider of security products. We have been installing security systems for over 32 years and in numerous types of applications. No two residences or businesses are exactly alike, each system provides for perimeter and interior coverage (basic), the home owner or business owner has specific needs or instructions on how the system will notify law enforcement or the fire department. Each owner has the final say as to who is notified in what order, with specific notes that can be added or changed anytime 24/7.

    We will meet with the client and go over all aspects of their security needs and present them with all options available to provide the security they are wanting.

    With home owners and renters now using cell phones to communicate with family and friends, many more homes no longer have a dedicated telephone in their home. We can provide a security designed cell phone to communicate with our UL Central Monitoring Station, and the cost in many cases is less than having to have a dedicated home telephone. In many cases regarding communication to the central station, utilization of a cell phone back-up is an addition in case the home telephone line is cut by an intruder, thus giving you a redundant means of communication or summoning help.

    With our security alarm systems, testing or transmitting test signals to our UL Central station is a must. The technology that our security alarm systems provide will transmit important data to our central station and assure that your system is operation properly.


    Electronic Access Control is a great way to control who has access to what areas of your business and when. Electronic access provides employees specific access, delivery schedules, or even allows employees different levels of access at different times of the day. It also allows owners or managers to keep track of who has been where and when via electronic logs (Ultimate Time Tracking), thus giving you information that you can use to help improve efficiency of day to day operations. To learn more about how electronic access control can help your business, please call for a free quote.

    Our Access Control systems can provide access into your place of business by readers at the perimeter door which would require one of the following means to gain entry; Access Code, Proximity Card or Bio-Metric (fingerprint) or combination of any of the mentioned.

    NO Keys to be given out or copied, you have control of who has access and can cancel his/her access anytime and not worry that additional keys are out there what would give an unwanted person the ability to gain entry into your place of business.


    We have installed and serviced “FIRE-LITE” Fire Alarm Systems for over 22 years. Early detection and notification are the most important abilities of a fire alarm system. In many cases with a commercial fire alarm system, there should be two means of communication to the UL Central Monitoring Station.

    Our RESIDENTIAL Security Alarm Panels offer a very good UL/Residential design for your home and small business

    Our COMMERCIAL Fire Alarm System provide “ADDRESSABLE” fire alarm devices, which provide point to point detection and exact device location to local responders and to our UL Central Station to notify Fire Responders exactly where the fire is in the facility.

    Manual Pull Stations, Automatic Fire Flame Detection and Water flow Systems are some of the devices utilized in our commercial fire systems.


    We can design a camera system to fit any need, from single to multi-camera systems. We offer state of the art video surveillance solutions, with cameras, digital video recorders with accessories that can help you keep an eye on your property and employees. With video you will have the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Remote access capabilities allow you to login from anywhere around the world to view live or pre-recorded events. Video surveillance products and services include: Cameras (day/night), Infrared, HD Quality Resolution, Mini-Domes, Covert Models of all types and more. Digital Video Recorders for multiple camera application with multiple ranges of memory available.


    Computer networking is an integral part of today’s business world, for over 23 years we have provided the wiring, termination and testing of network cabling to our clients from small business to Data Centers. We have designed, built and operated high security data center facilities. When we complete an installation you will have a complete drawing of the facility networking, so your IT personnel just need to “PLUG and PLAY”.

    Out networking technicians are certified through Leviton Voice and Data Division regarding installation of Cat5e, Cat6 and Fiber (Single and Multi-Mode).

    We terminate and test from the wall jack to patch panel in the Telco Room. We work closely with the IT department (provider) to assure your network system is 100 percent ready to work for you.

    d. We can supply and install managed racking systems, cable management trays, patch panels, network cables and switches.


    JR Rosselit has been instrumental with his expertise in data center design and construction. He has designed, constructed and managed high security Data Centers for multiple client occupancy. His expertise regarding power, back-up power, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switching), UPS (Uninterruptable Power Systems), battery back-up racking for UPS systems to Multi-tenant DR (Disaster Recovery) data sites has been documented and valuable to clients far and wide.

    In facilities of which we have designed and built, clients rest easily regarding their servers being secure in a facility that has been built by JR Rosselit and Across America Security.

    Power, Connectivity, Cooling and Security to these sites has been of the highest quality with professionalism, redundancy and integrity the primary concern.


    As a Dealer for “LifeSentry” two-Way Voice Pendant (Personal Emergency Response System), we provide the ability for a person to live independently, sometimes when living alone one need to have the assurance that someone can be notified to an emergency. Our LifeSentry will allow you to communicate to our UL Central Station. All operators are trained EMT’s and will stay on the phone (LifeSentry Pendant) until help arrives. The pendant acts like a telephone so you do not have to yell across the room to a receiver to talk to the operator.


    We have been a dealer for Sun Welding Safes for over 16 years. We can custom build Vault Doors for your “Private Security Room” or custom design and build a high security vault room.

    “SAFER IN A SAFE THAN IN A SOCK”, Protect your valuables, firearms, and vital records in a professionally installed Sun Welding Safe. Fire-resistant up to 1900 degrees. Our Sun Welding Safes are solidly constructed of heavy gage primed steel and features plated interior locking bolts to prevent removal of doors and hinges. All Sun Welding Safes come with a UL-Listed combination or digital lock with relocking devices to deter forcible entry.

    We have over 26 years of history in building secure document and record storage sites.

    Fire resistant safes vary widely in terms of their size and weight, level of fire resistance, intended mounting location, and degree to which they will resist a burglary attempt. Fire resistant safes may be secured by several types of locking mechanisms, both mechanical and electronic.

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